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Thursday, April 18, 2002

Recently I was in need of floral arrangements for a very special occasion. I was unsure what needed to be done to enhance the event and the room where it was being held.

Marian Kozlovsky came by our building, made an evaluation of what would work, and the rest is history.

Within a few days time, she greatly transformed our interior and exterior space to a beautiful, colorful exciting place to work in and visit.

Her dedication to the plants and the areas where they will reside are unheard of. Her love for what she does is shown in her finished product.

Because of her commitment to being the best she can be, many others have seen and admired her work, and are requesting that "The Plant Lady", help them with their business and home environments…

Thanks Marian, you truly are "The Plant Lady".


  Elmer D. Rogers
  Director Fund Development
  Houston Area Urban League
Houston Area Urban League

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