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The Plant Lady has a wide variety of high-quality plants available from an array of local and national growers and suppliers. From an 8' Ficus to a 4" English Ivy, the Plant Lady can meet all your plant needs. Based on the availability of light, The Plant Lady can recommend the appropriate plants for your home or office and place them in containers to complement both the plant and your decor. You can be confident in all your plant purchases through The Plant Lady.

Everything we sell and maintain is guaranteed for one full year.

The peace lily is a tropical evergreen perennial that not only tolerates the low light and dry conditions found in most homes, it actually makes the indoors healthier! When NASA did a study on 'sick building' syndrome, peace lilies were rated among the top ten air cleaning plants for interiors. Lovely when flowering, no home should be without the peace lily’s elegant lance shaped leaves and snowy blooms.

The Plant Lady is your source for all your plants and flowers.

the peace lily Peace Lily
We have Lucky Bamboo.

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