Reference - Rebecca Meloni  


3 January 2002

Marian Kozlovsky, The Plant-Lady has provided all of the exotic live and silk floral gifts that I have needed for the last few years. I have been extremely pleased with all of her work. Some of my personal orchids are ready for their third blooming. Other large tropical plants have remained healthy long past my expectations. For difficult light locations, such as my dining room and office, her silk arrangements have filled the bill with simple elegance.

Whenever I give plants as gifts, my friends and associates are extremely pleased with the quality of the bloom and the style of the presentation. The Plant Lady always selects containers that fit the general style or color of my request. Being a designer, I put great trust in her eye for balance and color.

The workmanship, reasonable pricing and prompt service will keep her on my list for the future. If you select The Plant Lady as your plant and flower source, Marian and her cheerful personality will become your friend in the process- just as she has mine.

Rebecca Meloni
Rebecca Meloni Architects


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